Archifest is an annual public festival for Singapore to celebrate architecture and the built environment. It will build upon the pillars of the festival: Archi-Interfaces, Conference, Conversations, Archicraft and Architours. Held from 4 to 15 of October featuring a line-up of more than 50 events taking place at various locations island-wide over 2 weeks, the goal is to invite conversations and establish greater collaboration between various institutions and communities for an exciting festival.

This year’s theme-‘Building Agency'-emphasizes the facilitating and building up of agency and citizen participation through architecture. It foregrounds the agency of buildings as important materials and spaces of urban life and is about an empowerment of the people as active agents in the making of our built environment.

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SIA Conference

Always a highly anticipated annual event for the industry, the one-day Conference Will be a day full of shared experiences and ideas, a roundtable discussion of issues pertinent to our urban environment. 

The Conference will revolve around the Festival Theme each year; and have covered the following themes:

2007: Aspiration to Realisation
2008: Man + Environment
2009: Architecture for Humanity
2010: Happy Cities
2011: Common Spaces
2012: Rethink Singapore
2013: Small is Beautiful
2014: Crowd
2015: What Future?
2016: slowCITY
2017: Building Agency
2018: Design for Life

Come join us for a day dedicated to architecture in Singapore!

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Image courtesy of Brandon Hong

Featuring award-winning projects and other best-kept built secrets in the city, join the Architours to discover the beauty of buildings, spaces and communities. 

Take this opportunity to have an exclusive peek into exquisitely designed houses, public institutions, and hidden gems tucked away in hidden corners of the city.

Also, learn about the design strategies that were employed in these projects as told by the architects and designers themselves as they take you on an experiential journey through their creations. 

Festival Highlights

Image courtesy of Teo Zi Tong

Image by Singapore Institute of Architects

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